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A beautiful woman alone she waits Gasp I gulp my breath escapes Her eyes bright like stars in the night Smolder as they do, the look is just right Her skin hot to the touch Soft, smooth, I have los…

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Child love


I sit and wonder what real love feels like, Do any of us truly know the feeling that we search for? I remember when I was a child hearing the word love, looking at the person saying it and just hearing the word not knowing the real meaning. I know as a child we all think we know what it means but it is not until we are older that we can actually feel it and know what it really means to feel and give love. Sitting on the front porch waiting for the woman who says she is my mother and tells me she loves me but she never shows, looking at the woman who now is  the mother in my life tell me she loves me ,but me not feeling it. We go through life,all of us we all want the same thing we want to feel it…

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Soul etching

images-2The fire of a woman is strong to the soul

My desire for her make the clouds roll

The sun can’t contain the burning within

Things I want to do are surly a sin

Us as one together we make

Soon my heart this pounding will make

 Slow is the time that lust will devour

The two of us in a love drenched shower

We roll we spin we sweat, the heat

Our completeness of love is beginning to complete

One we are, by far this dream

Just one man’s thoughts and one woman’s dreams.

MY style,

Nothing better than riding low and slow


Let’s talk about Bullying.

Today I am sitting here thinking about people, myself, life, and all the situations we fall into during our brief stay here on this planet. Why is it that some people feel so angry and sad that they knowingly choose to hurt others in any way possible?  What is it? Somehow degrading or hurting others physically makes the bully feel better about their pathetic life, even for just a short time? Usually when this is happening nobody see the pain that this person is going through. Why should we? They are hurting us, who cares about their feelings.

Ironically this is the part of the equation that keeps the proverbial ball rolling. We need to as the one getting hurt to somehow stand up for ourselves. Maybe turn the tables a little. Somehow stop the cycle, because the aggressor surly is not going to stop.

I know that as a person getting bullied the very idea of standing up in a situation like this sounds like a nightmare. I am not by any means saying that you need to do anything that might further the aggression from the bully. I think that by learning more about ourselves and how we are made up, that we can grow stronger and somehow fight the urge to let this person do this to us again.

We all have a spot in life that we need to fill. We all have a purpose .

I know growing up I had it rough, I know, I know, we all do. Some more than others. But It was rough for me because I was the forgotten child. There were older siblings and one much younger, so I was just forgotten. My parents divorced when I was very young, so they just had other things to do besides deal with me.

I was bullied, I was beaten, I was subjected to corpor alpunishment. I was sexualy abused by my neighbor. I was in trouble with the law on numerous occasions. Sent to a group home for a year, I spent time in a foster home. So I am telling you this so you know that I understand. I know it sucks. But until we stand up for ourselves this merry-go-round will not stop, and maybe on this ride the one doing the aggressive behavior might just see what they are doing. Maybe start to feel like a real person and stop hurting others.

Bullying comes in all shapes and sizes and from the most unlikely of places. Parents are guilty of it as well. Do let the idea that they are you parents and you should respect them. They need to respect you and your voice. You are after all a grown person.

Remember life is hard and you deserve to be happy, loved, respected. Don’t let anyone take that from you. You have a place on this earth and without you some part of life might not happen.

To all the bullies out there, you need to look deep inside and try and see what is really hurting. Fix it. Maybe you bully because it happened to you and it is all you know. But you are smart and you know it is wrong. Stop it and ask the person you hurting for some forgiveness. You may not get any, but it sends a message to the one you hurt that you are learning and trying to change.

Stop, think, learn.

Sun shines 

The sun shines, the day begins 

Warm it brings, my thoughts set in 

Drops of water on the naked leaf 

Glorious beauty, my disbelief 

Scents fill the air I gasp 

GOD has given me hope at last 

My thoughts open and feelings wake up 

Not a fantasy this dream made up

Slowly I stroll to the window and gaze 

My journey this life, to me a maze 

The map is given to me with hope 

My emotions that be will soon elope 

I break the seal the lock I break 

Now I feel my breath escape 

Thank you morning sun

I am in aw my mouth agape 

Life I breath in 

Let my day begin 



A beautiful woman alone she waits

Gasp I gulp my breath escapes

Her eyes bright like stars in the night

Smolder as they do, the look is just right

Her skin hot to the touch

Soft, smooth, I have lost control it is too much

She moves to me, gracefully she glides

Our hearts are pounding like together in stride

Across the room together we glide

Lost in a trance, my heart is hers.

Long I have waited to be loss for words

This beauty, this woman, this angel with me

I hoped for this day, would one day be

Time to wake, my dream goes away

I go on hoping and start my day

My dream is still with me I take it I beam

Love has entered my world

Even if it was in a dream


Things not yet Happened,

Today i am sitting here thinking, wondering about what if’s and what happens next.How often do we think about what happens after the decision we just made? How m,any of us use our brains to actually think beyond our next thought? I think it is time we focus on what will happen next.

Cognitive thinking is the act of thinking beyond the next thought and the direct action as a result of that thought and the results of that decision and the result of that decision.

Now we cant always do this we just don’t have the time. But if we practice  this as often as we can it can and will spill over into normal everyday thought process. Soon we will see that we are making thoughtful meaningful decisions.

For some reason we as humans have become creachers  of right now. We have so little in our lives emotionally that we need instant gratification. We seem to focus on thing’s, not the real feeling of hope , love, or companionship.

So because we are devoid of emotional content and dept, we just grab on to the next thing that comes along. Now with that being said, What I am talking about is that we don’t think about the consequences of our thoughts, ans this has left us with an emotional void and a life filled with endless decision making.

I once told a friend to think and make good decisions. How you ask do we do that?  Well we really never know if what we decide will work out or will even  be a good idea, it goes through and all we see is the end result. So I said to my friend, try to not make a decision that will make you need to make other decisions to fix the one before it. I know it sound like a arduous  process.I know sometimes we don’t have the time to think about it , but we still need to practice this so when the time comes to make a decision in hast, we  at the very least have the future in mind.

We need to fill emotionally connected to feel full and to stop wanting for things that just occupy our immediate needs and are not fulfilling.These things we pine for just fill a hole and do not feed us emotionally.

All I can say 


 the rewards are worth it for peace…

I Want

Everyone say’s “I want”, and most of us never think about the phrase. Like we expect people tom just give us what ever we are demanding. Most things we demand don’t even make a difference in our daily lives, and have no bearing on the outcome on our lives as a whole.

Never mind the rudeness of the statement and the potential disrespect and hurt feelings of the unlucky recipient to our demanding and curt tone. Why should anyone give us anything.

I think that if we just stop and think about what we are going to say or just how we are going to interact with other person, we might just make the conversation go a very different way, and who knows it may just change your day as well as the person you are talking to.

I challenge anyone that reads my inane babble and who cares about others around them to stop, think, plan, and think again then speak. You will be amazed at how much this will change the outcome of the conversation and quit possibly your day and the other persons day as well.

Try it , think about it, Imagine how you would feel if you were on the other end of “I want”.


Now below is something that is thought provoking and “I Do Want”

“I Want”

I want to move to her slowly, never taking my eyes off her. Watching every step she takes. The gentle sway of her hips, her long brunette hair, blowing in the cool breeze. As we approach each other “I want” to reach out and grab her hand in mine. Feeling her soft skin on mine as we finally touch and it sends chills up my neck and my hair stands on end, the beginning of ecstasy.

We move closer, careful not to bring our bodies to touch just yet. Our bodies so close , we can feel each others electricity. I look down to see her looking back up at me, her eyes see right through me. They are like diamonds, they are the unique gift that was given to her, they sparkle like no jewel ever has. She is completely unaware that just by looking at me  that she has all of me.I ache to breath in her intoxicating scent, I am starting to feel weak as I grasp her hand in mine. I clench it tightly now, tight but not to hard. Her scent makes my head swirl, my heart beat faster, so fast I feel it will explode. my palms get wet.

This beautiful woman standing with her hand in mine has all f me. As we move closer I move my hand up her are to find the small of her neck. I feel the goosebumps, as she is trembling as well just at our touch. My hand reaches the back of her head as as I run her hair through my fingers. She rest her head in my hands.

I tilt her head vback and stare into her eyes. I see the want I see the need. I see the desire. I pull her close, our bodies pressed together. I look to see her soft lips as I bend over to reach her soft lips, I get close but I just want to taste her. I run my tongue over her soft lips, enjoying the sweet salty taste.

Soon it is too much, our hearts are about to explode we are both moaning. This woman has all of me. I hope she knows how much I burn for her. We move in closer, our mouths meet, we close in on each other. Our tongues dance together our hearts beating as one.



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